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Security camera installation is not child's play, there is more to it than just pulling cables.

It is also important to know what type of cameras will be used and where they will be used.

Lighting, height, distances etc. are a crucial factor in order to purchase a good and reliable camera security system.

Prices for installation

We don't need a huge amount of money from our customers to install a camera system, especially if you buy a total package with camera installation from us.

We provide not only a professional calculation, but also a well finished project of which we can be proud, because we leave a business card with our customers.

We install only Full HD and 4K and nothing but that, especially when it comes to new installations, detection requested images we do not know, never heard of, what is that?

The cost of an installation is often different and we can never give a good price in advance, we can only give a fair price after we have seen the location and all meters are noted.

In this way, we immediately remove a large part of all problems between clients and contractors.

WARNING! There are companies that offer a complete package starting from EU 600.00, the quality you buy won't even get lost on the paving stones afterwards.


A professional security system must be provided with annual maintenance at all times, at least once a year.

Maintenance ensures that a camera system continues to function optimally and that errors can be detected and resolved early.

In addition, it is important to check the object again for dead spots, our specialists will be happy to give you clear advice in human language (no expensive terms).

Alarm system professionals

As well as camera security, we are also the best at installing alarm systems.

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